To yell or not? The greatest paradox of parenting

Kids are perfect gifts from above. Those cute little pies can invoke a smile with their mischievous tactics. Sometimes those adorning munchkins can turn devil and create havoc. Well, unfortunately you will end up screaming and yelling.

Minutes later you regret and apologize to the little villains who are to blame in the first place. Since pregnancy, every parent aspires to be the best who yells at very least of times. Sometimes our emotions get better of us and rest…kudos to imagination.

Very often we blame our kids for the outburst. But it is particularly important to understand the fact that our emotions and reactions are our own and we are the Masters of It. however, there is nothing to be guilty about it as well. Parenting is a personal experience, and no one has a right to judge over anyone’s style of parenting.

We understand the dilemma of mamas and papas and compiled 10 expert tips to keep your rage under control

1. Do not repeat things again

While giving out the instruction to your kid, establish an eye to eye contact. Give instruction in a simple manner and avoid repeating. A repeating parent persuades the child to wait until you actually follow the instruction. Next, you will become that dreaded monster!!

2. Give consistent commands

Always make the kids obey the commands you give. It is better not to give a command than let you child neglect it. The child should understand that whatever commands given are to be obeyed.

3. Avoid taking things personally

Some parents take their children’s behavior, and this give rise to many emotional crises and conflicts.  The misbehavior, bad manners and disrespect from the child’s behalf are nothing done with personal intentions. It is important for parents to guide the child to good behavior without yelling them.

4. Seek solitude to keep monster under check

When you feel the loch-ness rising, send yourself to your room and calm down a bit. Rather than acting impulsively, this can help you handle the situation more ably. Moreover, your child will become concerned with your sudden withdrawal and try to avoid the situation in future.

5. Give simple instructions

Longer blunt instructions can confuse your little tots! No wonder they have difficulty following it. Try giving briefer ones and see if it helps!

6. Keep accountability a priority

Everyone needs to be accountable for their actions. are you doing the parenting well? Have the methods you adopted to control yelling worked? Keep a book or journal to mark your progress. This can help you notice the trend in your behavior and take effective steps to prevent repeated yelling.

7. Keep expectations low

Having high set expectations is perhaps, parenting’s greatest sin. Your little tots do not know that their parents have such over the sky expectations of their decent behavior. unmet expectations can bring misery and make parenting a tedious task. Only remedy? Bring down your expectations!!!

8. Appreciate even for small deeds

Appreciating even the tiniest task appropriately done can do wonders! Trust me! every child earns for recognition and approval from parents. Appreciating them often and strive them to do more virtuous task to earn recognition from parents. This can instill better morale values in kids.

9. Cut back TV!

TVs these days can do more harm than good. Many cartoons have characters who are naughty and irksome. Children often try to mimic these behaviors and behave rudely. Switching TV off from your child’s schedule can do better than you really expect. Encourage them to spend outdoors and plan some fun filled activities.

10. Figure the cause behind repeated behavior

Repeated behaving badly can be something more serious. It is therefor important to figure the cause behind such offenses. Observe your child or talk to them. A better communication between parent and child can work wonders.

No yelling!!!

What is the verdict? yelling can actually do more harm than good. It can sour relationships and affect the peace of home. There is enough scientific backing to prove that yelling affects the child psychologically in a negative manner as well.

Hence it is important to follow these steps and become a yell free parent!!


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