Tips on preparing your home for your new-born’s arrival

Tips on preparing your home for your new-born’s arrival

We know that it is exciting and thrilling to even think about the arrival of your new-born into the world. So think about the excitement of bringing the little angel into your own home. Lack of proper planning and wrong preparation will reduce the time you would like to spend with your little one and you will be loaded with arranging your home for your little one then.

Do not worry; we have made your concern lighter by highlighting a few tips and tricks for your preparation.


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Since you will be spending most of your time with your little one in the bedroom, it is advisable to arrange the furniture in a way that facilitates proper ventilation. Clear out unwanted things; make space for baby items in a way that helps you reduce your movement. The excess movement could tire you out. Moreover stock on new towels, clean bed sheets, and covers.

Collect emergency numbers

It will be wise to put stick it notes on the fridge and other areas containing emergency numbers of your doctor, hospital, medical store, etc. That way in case of emergency you need not struggle with finding contacts.

Declutter your home

Your home might be piled up with things collected over the years which you may not need now. Instead of waiting for baby’s arrival and then clearing, it will be a better choice to declutter your space way before that. That way you will get an idea regarding the space available and make way for stocking baby items.

Gathering excess baby stuff

We know you are way too thrilled at giving your new-born all you can, and that also includes a lot of clothes and diapers. Not to forget, these tiny beings grow real quick and very soon you’ll find yourself looking for ways to dispose of the excess you have gathered. It will be a good idea to stock only a few such items and buy them as you need.

Consider labelling your drawers

Labelling your drawers is a good way to minimise time wastage. This helps you locate personals more quickly than before. Moreover, when you have your mum or friends come over to help you, this definitely makes it easier for them to bring you things as and when you require.

Smooth the edges of your furniture

You might have spent a lot on those fancy and expensive pieces of furniture, however having a baby which will start crawling in a few months should make you rethink about your furniture. It is advisable to move those pieces of furniture with sharp edges to a corner where your child is least likely to enter or just try keeping it away from them.


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