Reason For Your Baby Is Not Sleeping Well

Newborn babies do not sleep like us, they cry a lot but they sleep even more than us. Newborns babes sleep about eight to nine hours during both the day and night time. The most baby probably won’t sleep through the night (6 to 8 hours) until at least 3 months old. Crying is one of the primary ways of babies to sending you a message. Leaving them to cry for long periods makes them produce cortisol, it is a stress hormone. Scientists say that even after a baby who has been left a long time to cry falls asleep because the cortisol levels in saliva stay high.

Reasons For Newborns Cry At Night:

#1 Sheer Hunger
Normally most babies cry at night because they are hungry because their stomach is tiny so need to eat every few hours. So to avoid this check the clock if it’s been two or three hours after the last feeding then your baby is probably waking up for food.
#2 Hunger Gas Crying Cycle
If your baby starts to cries at night due to hunger for a long time, they may find it difficult to calm down when nourishment arrives. Sometimes when the baby is frantic to eat, then gulps air with the milk which causing hunger gas. This will create a cycle of discomfort that makes your baby fuss and cries instead of sleep once her hunger has been satisfied. To avoid this problem feed your baby before they becomes frantically hungry.

#3 The Diaper That Wants To Change
A quick diaper change before feedings milk can make your babe feel calmer while eating.
#4 The Room Will Be Hot Or Too Cold
The temperature in the room for a baby’s sleep is kept between 68–72°F.
#5 Any Signs Of Sickness
Consulting the doctor is the best method

Waking Frequently Through The Night :

Waking frequently at night is a big issue for babies in the first year. This may be due to that they just want a feed or it may be that they’ve had the feed and they’re still not settling back to sleep due to hunger gas. If your baby is waking frequently throughout the night, you need to rule out medical reasons then a consulting doctor is best.

Waking Early In The Morning :

Another problem seen with little babies is them waking early in the morning. One reason to wakes up babies in the morning is, your baby’s morning nap a little later every day should have a knock-on effect on his subsequent naps which make them wakes up.

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#1 Snug And Swaddled
Many babies up to a month old feel most secure when wrapped closely in light material. Something like a soft cot sheet is ideal as it’s not too heavy but is still snug. Keep babies head uncovered and make sure they don’t get too hot and cool.
#2 Rock Them To Sleep
Gentle motion can give a fantastically calming effect on babies. Hold your baby close to our body and sway from side to side.
#3 Baby Massage
Gentle massage on their back, tummy, arms, and legs will help digestion as well as induce sleep.

#4 Food Check
When breastfeeding, substances in your food and drink may cause restlessness in your baby. If this is the reason then keep food and drink dairy.
#5 Calming Comforter
Some babies just like holding something familiar, so give them a soft toy or a piece of your clothing to hold for comfort.
#6 Background Music
soft music or sounds like a lobby that reminds your baby of being in the womb can be a great pacifier.
#7 Shut Out The World
Check there isn’t something in the room which make sound or attractive to babies that are keeping them awake. Simply holding them against you while sitting in a dark, quiet room and the sound of your calm breathing should send them off

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