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Becoming a mom is a wonderful experience, but it also means some changes in your life. We’ve put some maternity care tips to help you to welcome your new little family member.

Pregnancy Body Changes:

Body changes during pregnancy are common and natural than you think. As your pregnancy progresses you will experience many physical changes in your body, including backaches, weight gain, and fluid retention often will go away after you give birth.

How to manage this physiological changes
    1. Weight gain:

Weight gain is one of the main physical change during pregnancy. This weight gain is very important during pregnancy for you and baby. After the baby is born the additional weight will naturally come off  so concentrate on:

  • Exercising daily
  • Eating nutrition meals
  • Cutting out junk foods

   2. Swollen Ankles and Feet :

During your third trimester, you may experience swollen legs, ankles and/or feet because your body retains more fluid during pregnancy.

To relieve this condition:

  • Avoid sitting and standing for a long time
  • Wear comfortable shoes
   3. A Backache :

To avoid a backache try this method:

  • Go for simple yoga to release tension.  
  • Treat yourself to a massage to relax and loosen the tight back muscle.
  • Try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your bent knees to support your lower back.
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First 10 Days After Baby Arrives :

During the first 10 days, how to take care of newborn baby,

#1 Holding :

Your newborn’s baby neck muscles are not yet developed, so you will need to support her head whenever you pick up. You should also support baby head against your shoulder or with your opposite hand while carrying her.

#2 Bathing :
  • First Make sure the room is comfortably warm so your baby doesn’t get chilled. Gather all your bath supplies and lay out a towel, a clean diaper, and clothes.
  • Fill the tub with about 3 inches of boiling water that feels warm, but not hot, to the inside of your wrist
  • Bring your baby to the bath area.

TIP: If your baby cries, leave the diaper on at first. It can give the baby an increased sense of security in the water.

  • Using one hand to support her neck and head, Gradually slip your baby into the tub feet first.

#Baby massage :

 Baby massages can relax babies, improve their sleep patterns and calm them when they are irritable.

#4 Feeding :

Nothing is better for your newborn baby than breast milk, no matter how you decide to feed your baby, always be sure to hold your baby while feeding. The cuddling that comes with nursing and feeding helps in building a  loving bond between you and your baby.

#5 Sleep :

Newborns babies sleep through a major part of the 24 hours, waking up often during both day and night. Your baby’s sleep patterns change as grows up.  Even so, you can still begin to develop a bedtime routine for your newborn baby from as early as 6 to 8 weeks.

Breast Feeding :

Breastfeeding has many advantages to your little baby. It is the most crucial way to ensure your baby growth in the month of her infancy. One of the most important advantages of breastfeeding is the nourishment to your newborn baby which will help the overall development of the baby in the year to come.

Nutrition Food For Baby:

Breast milk is the best nutrition food for the baby up to 6 months or longer. After 4 months onwards we can give some other food also,

  • 4 to 6 month : Iron-Fortified Cereal
  • 6 month and older : Avocados and Sweet Potatoes
  • 7 to 10 month and older : Meat
  • 11 month and older : Beets
  • 9 month and older : Yogurt and Cheerios
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