Guidelines To Wearing Seat Belt During Pregnancy

Your little baby is well protected in your belly. In some cases, the doctor might be told pregnant women to stop traveling altogether if their pregnancy or the baby is at a risk of facing complications. But apart from that, all pregnant women can enjoy the feeling of driving but wear the seat belt is one of the important things while you driving or as a passenger. During pregnancy, many women traveling by car wonder if it is a good idea to drive the car and wear the seat belt. 

The third trimester the risk of driving increases so at that time try to be a passenger instead of the driver. If you are a passenger or driver wearing the seat belt will protect you and your baby from injury or death in the event of a car crash. Even though you wearing seat belt don’t forget to turn on the airbag. Airbags will help you to reduce the risk for pregnant mothers from injury.  

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While wearing seat belt be sure that you wear seat belt correctly. The seat belt should have a lap strap and a shoulder strap. This two belts together keep you from being thrown from the car during an accident.

Way To Wear Seat belt
  • The lap belt should go under your belly which is fit across your hips and pelvic bone.
  • The shoulder strap wants to go between your breasts and off to the side of your belly. Be sure while wearing seat belt straps should never go directly across your stomach.
  • Adjust the height of the shoulder strap never put the shoulder strap under your arm or behind your back. so that seat belt fits you correctly.

Safety measures for the pregnant lady while driving :
  • Make sure your airbags are turned “on.”
  • Move the seat back as far as you can at least 10 inches between the steering wheel and your breastbone.
  • Always wear the seat belt correct way.
  • Stick to the traffic rules, if any random intrusion on the road could cause you to jerk result in impacting your car and your body.
  • You want to wear comfortable clothes no matter where you are going in your car.
  • Keep your energy level high while driving.
  • Always choose the better road to travel.
  • Avoid the situation of taking a sudden break.
  • Always sit comforter for that use hot-water bag or a separate cushion, if your back or butt needs extra support.
  • Toilets on the highway may not be the cleanest so try to Keep your own toilet paper.
  • Sitting for long hours on the seat while driving is not a good way. So stress out your muscles whenever you want.
What Will Do When Car Crash Occur

          If a car crash occurs you want to get treatment right away. You think you are not hurt too much but most injuries to the baby happen within a few hours after a crash. After a crash, your doctor needs to check you and your baby as soon as possible especially if you are more than 6 months pregnant.

The danger signs after car crash:

  • Pain in your stomach.
  • Blood or fluid leaking from your vagina.
  • Contractions
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