12 Ways To Potty Train Your Kid

12 Ways To Potty Train Your Kid

Every mother’s dream come true, is when their little munchkin becomes diaper free. A final break from strapping and wiping little butts. But diaper or no, nature will do its work. Unless you want a messy poopy house, you need to instruct your kid, some potty etiquette.
Though not easy at the start, if the feat is achieved, Congo, you have won.
But, trust me, this is tougher than rocking your baby to sleep.
In the retrospect, running behind little feet urging them to relieve in plastic pots seem easy.
Personally, it is far difficult than the great war of Crimea.
To relieve the plight of fellow moms, who have hyperactive kids, we decided to give time-tested potty-training tips, to get you past toddling. Above we says 12 Ways To Potty Train Your Kid,

1. Get the child and house ready for the battle

Broach on mummy commanders! Keep the field ready for the battle. Do not expect a peaceful session, where the child will do as directed. Your little devil might be running around, causing potential damage to things around. Hence keep things out of way. lest they are touched with poops.

2. Find the key motivator of your child

Some moms swear by the magic of this trick. It as simple! Go to a nearby toy store and pick something that will really interest your child. In every pooping, session gives him the toy to play with. Hence this will motivate him to use the potty better.

3. Introduce them to the toilet part of your house

Rather than shooing toddlers away from loos, show them around. Make them understand the importance of having a special room to relieve the calls of nature. If the kid has older siblings, make the toddler observe them using the loo.

4. Applaud when your child does it right

A real applause now and then can win even the hardest of hearts. Even if it means popping in right place, applauding your child will motivate him to do it again.

5. Acknowledge mistakes

Of course! Potty training is hard, never dream that it will come easy. However, acknowledge the mistakes and move on. Never criticize your child for past mistakes.

6. Make it interesting and fun filled

Buying some toys, engaging in fun or another activity can make it more enjoyable. The entertaining factor will urge your child to do “it” once more in the potty.

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7. Get creative with potty

Who said nobody can get creative with the potty? Moms! turn innovative! Have his potty-trained friends come over? Peer pressure will make him poop in potty’s, thus making them equal.
If that does not work, make either parent go together with the kid to relieve themselves. Having his parent do the same, will make him finally relieve himself.

8. Consider the idea of a naked weekend

Occasionally let your kids roam free, naked. This will attune them to see bodily cues and perceive pee and poop passing, naturally. If the weather permits, let them roam the backyards, which will save you from the perils of scrubbing.

9. Start teaching proper hygiene habits as well

Potty done or not, teach them basic hygiene habits anyway. Washing hands before and after the process will help them stay germ free.

10. Make them comfortable in social spheres as well.

Make them comfortable in going loo in public as well. Develop ingenious tricks like code languages, that signal your kids need to go loo. Take him often, so that he will learn that going loo is something that necessarily never happens at home alone.

11. Do not go for rigid naps and night time’s

While your kid is potty training, be flexible in their naps. If they want to play, let them be. After all they have been at your whim the entire day.

12. Try, try try and try again

What is the golden rule to effective potty training? Patience. Show me a mom who has achieved it otherwise. A child finally learns effective potty technique only after many unsuccessful attempts. So, moms are not faint-hearted.

The Odyssey of potty training
Each kid differs from other. Hence what worked for me may not work for you. It is, however, interesting to try out newer techniques.

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